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Your administrative assistant has checked the Internet and found several Atlanta Airport Transportation service providers. The first company she called was answered by an answering machine. Then she tried another but their phone etiquette was akin to Billy Bob's taxi service and she didn’t dare take the chance to book Atlanta Airport Transportation with then because she was pretty sure that they didn’t know how to spell the Atlanta airport much less find their way there. Then she called another Atlanta Airport Transportation service provider. After trying five service providers, she choose Mo- Goo- limousine service. Her executive got in the back of the town car and the passenger Mr. Phillips, then realizes that the driver has very poor communication skills. As he is trying to tell the driver where his destination is, his bargain-priced Atlanta Airport transportation service is not going so well.

In fact, the driver makes an illegal lane change into the HOV lane on I85 headed north bound only to get stopped by a Georgia State patrol officer. Now it has been twenty minutes since he was picked up at the Atlanta airport and he is late for his very important meeting. The driver get five additional citations, while Mr. Phillips makes a phone call to his client explaining that he will be there in about thirty more minutes and that's only if the cop runs out of ink. The old adage that you get what you pay for may just be true in this case.

However there are no surprises when you contact Atlanta Bridgeport Limousine. They provide distinctive quality Atlanta Airport Transportation. They have fair and honest pricing. Atlanta Bridgeports' fleet is On-Star and GPS ready. So when you call them, you can be sure that you will never get lost when they provide Atlanta Airport transportation for you or your very important client. Also they accept all major credit cards. If you want dependable quality Atlanta Airport Transportation, you have to try Atlanta Bridgeport Limousine. Give them a call today at (770) 572-7120.